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Blindly walking through life.

on April 4, 2012

This morning I woke up a little late, a little stressed, rushing to the train, not wanting to go to work and sit at a desk for 9 hours.  I walked the one avenue that I do every morning to the subway.  I swiped my card and walked down the platform to my usual spot.  I saw the subway ticker said 5 minutes and I immediately got annoyed that the train was “so late.”  As I came to a stop at my usual spot I saw a middle aged man with walking stick, eyes closed, yet looking completely content.

Immediately a rush of guilt came over me.  I was feeling stressed and annoyed, for what?  Here is a man, who I have no idea how long has been blind, but has to travel by subway without the ability to see a thing.  There was a sign on the ticker that said a train will be going through and not stopping.   As this train flew by, I saw the man step towards the end of the platform.  I grabbed his arm and yelled “this one isn’t stopping.”  He turned to me and smiled.  I told him a train will be arriving in 2 minutes.  I then realized how lucky I was to even be able to see this ticker which had annoyed me 5 minutes earlier.  The train arrived two minutes later and he felt his way on.

Kindness is everywhere.  In a city where people look angry and always in a rush, everyone helped him.  A large tough looking man stood up and gave up his seat.  I painfully watched this man try to find the seat that was given to him, and gave him a light push to guide him where to sit.

I live in NYC, the most beautiful exciting city in the world, known for incredibly large buildings and beautiful historic architecture.  How could I be so “blind?”  This man who can never see these things had a look of such content on his face.  The truth is, most people who have 20/20 vision are blinder than this man.  This morning I was one of them.

Remember to always appreciate what you have.  We are all given blessings.

Wake up each morning, grateful for all of them.  Although it is easy to get caught up in the superficial day-to-day, when you find yourself getting lost, remember this man.


2 responses to “Blindly walking through life.

  1. Jun E Caniel says:

    Jun E! Love the blog

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